Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.10.33 PMAfter 13 years VCN continues to be committed to delivering high-impact programming to offer youth in Vancouver meaningful tech-related internships. This cycle we received close to 600 applications for 27 placements with 23 host organizations.

As we assess the successes and challenges, we are thrilled with this year’s outcomes. The greatest indicator we found was that over half of youth interns were offered extended contracts with their host organizations or found work immediately after their internships. Read more about their experiences below!


“[There is] satisfaction in knowing that I had created something that will be very useful for an important organization. Now I have an increased understanding of my trade and a great portfolio piece to add.” Safe Amp Intern

“My coworkers at Geist were very supportive and encouraged me to delve deeper into better web practices. I came out of this internship with more web-related expertise, it was a wonderful learning experience.” Geist Magazine Intern

“I was able to learn more digital skills and enhance my existing ones. In this role, I really felt like a member of staff and not a youth intern, and [I] was given a lot of responsibility to use my skills in the digital sphere.” UBC LE Learning Exchange Intern

“If I can introduce similar methods to a future work environment then this will give me an edge in the work place. I feel ready to enter employment and apply my disciplines.” BC Technology for Learning Society Intern

“We bonded over art, and learned about how technology can serve their art practices, as well as everyday computer skills that benefit their ability to connect with others and get access to information and resources.” Gallery Gachet Intern

“I personally have seen growth in many of my skills including problem solving, written and oral communication, and teaching. I also improved in my technical skills through troubleshooting computers, performing maintenance and learning to develop a website using WordPress.” RayCam Co-operative Centre Intern

“VCN’s [youth internship] program provided me an excellent opportunity to gain real work experience in a technical related position. I was able to oversee the launch of the organization’s new website, greatly Improving my WordPress knowledge in the process, and see the result of my work adopted and implemented.” New Forms Media Society Intern

“…people experiencing poverty and homelessness…it was very powerful to have [had the] opportunity to work with so many passionate and intelligent co-workers and community members. It was particularly helpful to gain new skills working with computers… I am very grateful that the youth internship was able to fund my participation in the project.” Megaphone Magazine Intern