Youth Intern Workshop on SEO

On Janudsc00894ary 27th, 2016, youth interns were given an introductory, crash-course session on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The workshop was delivered by SEO expert, Emily Chow, and organized by Laura Eagin of Camp Tech. With today’s digital age, it’s important now more than ever to reach a wide audience on the Internet, and the easiest and fastest way to do accomplish this is with good SEO tactics.

With many youth working this cycle as website masters, administrators, developers, and social media interns, the session provided hacks for beginners to drive more traffic to their host sites’ websites. Chow unveiled various tools and insider tricks to optimize websites for potential clients to easily find the organization.

Tips included ways to determine target keywords, what to include in content, how to elevate social media SEO, and how to create good website content for people to better find the organization online.

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