The Urban Native Youth Association

UNYA03Formed in 1988, the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA) is Metro Vancouver’s only native youth program-providing organization, and aims to provide opportunities that can help native youth reach their full potential and personal goals.  UNYA works to empower native youth through 21 programs, which include education and training, personal support, live-in programs, and sports and recreation.  UNYA currently has over twenty programs and works with more than 150 volunteers and peer leaders.

UNYA’s work also includes community development, training, research, educational materials, and advocacy.  UNYA has contributed to the positive development of their community by creating diverse youth-focused resources, hosting community meetings and forums, offering training on youth issues, serving on community steering committees, conducting research, developing innovative programs, hiring and training youth, participating on the Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council, and creating partnerships that expand services for native youth.

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