The YI program would not be able to function without VCN’s partnerships with local nonprofits and community organizations across Metro Vancouver. This network of organizations support VCN in administering the YI program because of the trusted relationships VCN has built for more than a decade.

Over the history of the program, VCN has worked alongside over 150 organizations and societies to deliver unique and meaningful placements for interns. VCN works closely with community access sites to support public access to ICT and to increase the sites’ technical capacities by integrating mailing list management strategies, implementing content management systems, developing streaming servers, building modern websites, and deploying other on-line tools to help organizations achieve their goals.

VCN seeks to partner with new organizations that mentor youth during their placement and provide interns with learning and skill development opportunities. Further, VCN continues to aim to forge partnerships with local nonprofits that are making a positive impact in communities within Metro Vancouver.